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Lighting is something most people never think about (until the power goes out, of course). But those who are design-minded or interior-obsessed know that there’s more to light shopping than meets the eye. First, one must consider the quality of the actual light being provided. There’s good lighting and bad lighting, as work-from-home Zoomers know all too well. But what about the lighting fixtures? They are as integral to a room design as any other piece of furniture or decor. And with today’s modern luxury lighting brands, the options are both glamorous and endless. If you aren’t already interested in lighting designs and styles, these brands will make you a believer in the power of a good light. Here, find 18 of the top luxury lighting brands to check out.
For the last two decades, Fuse Lighting has been experimenting with the intersection of light and design, and with much success. The mirrored backplate on the Hudson 24 Inch Sconce is visually pleasing but also serves to further reflect its light.
It’s time to say goodbye to boring recess and overhead lighting. For their part Pipi Zhu is providing some stellar, highly modern options, like the Modern Flush 7 Ring Ceiling Light.
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French design studio Designheure works with designers to create custom artful fixtures like the Pendant Light XL Kimono.
Szxykeji has a variety of configurations of these globe light structures. The 12-Light Glass Chandelier, for example, is just one that would look incredible in entryways, bedrooms and dining rooms alike.
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For truly bespoke lighting, check out New York City-based Cartwright, which specializes in hand-blown glass. Every piece, like this Lanterna in gold, is made one by one.
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Don’t mess with a classic, and Pottery Barn is a classic. Known more so for their furniture and decor, they also offer some incredible lighting options, like the glamorous Atlantic Pendant.
From string lights to magnifying lights and standing lamps like the Mason Arc Floor Lamp, Brightech creates quality pieces.
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This luxe furniture and lighting brand, founded by Janet Morais, leans on the slogan, “Love Happens.” And you are bound to fall in love with their stunning designs, like the MORAISOutburst Chandelier.
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Amazon lighting brand Arpenter crafts high end pieces that are sure to impress anyone who visits your home. Add a little upscale elegance to your space with these bedside table lamps.
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British luxury design brand Tom Dixon sells lighting, furniture, and decor in eye-catching contemporary styles. The Melt LED Mini Pendant showcases the studio’s ability to blend art and function.
Add some fun to your side tables with the brightly colored Mae Long Neck Ceramic 31-inch Table Lamp from home brand Safavieh.
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Roll & Hill, based in Brooklyn, operates with on-demand production and works with the most cutting edge designers in the field. This Fiddlehead Pendant happens to be one designed by the company’s founder, Jason Miller.
Make your mirror selfies even more beautiful with a light fixture from Amazon home brand Ksana. We’d recommend this lovely Vanity Light fixture with Clear Globe Glass Shades and Taper Arm, but the brand also specializes in iron and wood lights that have more of a rustic feel.
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Schoolhouse is undoubtedly one of the coolest homeware brands to shop right now. Operating out of a century-old factory building in Portland, Oregon, the brand is committed to honoring American craftsmanship. All of their products, like the Ray 17″ Light Fixture, are made in the U.S.
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For true statement lighting fixtures, such as this Lena Ten Light Island in the Fire/Ice Finish, check out Capital Lighting. With this overhead at your next dinner party, it’s sure to be the talk of the table.
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This lighting and homewares brand began as a small lighting salvage studio and is now partnered with mega brands like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Williams Sonoma. In addition to revamping thousands of antique items every week, they’re also crafting new pieces, like the Folk Abigail Ball Unglazed Table Lamp.
For highly reviewed luxe lighting you can get from Amazon, look no further than ET2. The shop specializes in contemporary styles, like the Nob Geometric Metal Multi-Shapes Round LED Pendant.
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Even if a design is basic and understated, it should still be expertly made, and popular luxury brand Aerin does simplistic pieces especially well. Case in point: the Clarkson Small Single Pendant.
These are some of the top luxury lighting brands.
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