“Which Tips and Trends will influence my Coffee Shop?” – Because Things Can Be Different – Ep3

So, you have your Coffee Shop premises, but what next?nnIn the fourth part of the Global Coffee Festival special, ‘Because Things Can Be Different’ podcast hosts Cameron Fry and Oliver Underwood, discuss the important Tips and Trends that may influence the design of your Coffee Shop interior. This episode focuses on what’s happened in the past, what the current customer expectations are, and the future trends that could go a long way to creating the all-important engaging Coffee Shop brand experience.nnCovid shouldn’t stop you!nnStay tuned for the next episode of ‘Because Things Can Be Different’nnAlso available on iTunes and SpotifynnWe would love to hear from you too! If you have a question about any of the topics raised in our podcasts or even an episode request, please email [email protected] .nnYou can find out more about Liqui Group Ltd at, and Follow us on Instagram: @liqui_group ( and @crate47 (

“Why do I need Coffee Shop Branding, won’t a logo do?” – Because Things Can Be Different – Ep1

The podcast that discusses all things business and design.n-nIn this first of our four-part Global Coffee Festival special, Cameron and Mike discuss the frequently asked question “Why do I need Coffee Shop Branding, won’t a logo do?” �nnYou’ll have to watch to find out!nnStay tuned this week for the next three Coffee episodes of… ‘Because Things Can Be Different’nEpisode 2: How do I market my Coffee Shop Brand?nEpisode 3: What should I consider before starting my Coffee Shop business?nEpisode 4: Which Tips and Trends will influence my Coffee Shop interior?nnAlso available on iTunes and Spotify.nnPlease like, comment and follow.

Video Promo Marama Café

Edit alterno de trabajo realizado para Marama café – #elcaferesuelvetodo n☕���nLima – Perú. Septiembre 2020.

Rabble Roasters Coffee

We’re spilling the beans on a plain universal truth, coffee isn’t the answer to every question. But good coffee — that’s another ballgame. We are Rabble Roasters. Bringing perfectly roasted coffee beans that produce a bold, highly caffeinated coffee for your endless adventures. In awake and alive every morning!

Coffee King

Coffee KingnnThe Italian Drupal Association, the organizing committee of the Drupal Developers Days 2016 to be held in Milan from June 21 to 26, chose six eleven for the concept of the logo and graphics of the event.nnThe chosen concept is inspired by the central figure of the Italian Renaissance: Leonardo Da Vinci. The classic Drupal logo, the Druplicon drop, turns with the style of the flying machines projected by the scientist and artist, recalling the faint character of his sketches. Development, planning and sharpness are the values that are communicated by this “seventeenth” interpretation, which reflect one of the pillars of the Opensource community: the shared technological progress.nnThe graphics inspired by this concept have been applied to the and to the online and offline communication of the event. The plays with drawing paper textures, freehand sketches and vintage illustrations, revisit the stylistic choices of the Florentine genius.

Café Saula

We were approached to visualise the history of the “Café Saula” coffee brand. For this we went to the factory and shot stills of all the machinery and buildings, we also delved into the archives, finding old pictures of the processes, places and people involved in the making of a premium coffee brand.nnDirection and Animation: Wyz BorreronArt Direction and Graphic Design: Valeria PradanPhotography: Gabi Guiard and Wyz BorreronProduction: Elisabeth TripiananAgency: La SencillanAccount Manager: Guillermo CarrerasnCreative Director: Xavi MunillnArt Director: Gabi GuiardnProducer: Carola Vilanova

Stumptown Cold Brew – Portland

De koffiebrander wordt een koffiebrouwer. Food Inspiration was op bezoek bij de ‘coolest coffeebrand in the world’: Stumptown in Portland, en hoorde dat de vraag naar cold brew koffie dit jaar is gaan exploderen. Lees alles over Stumptown in het magazine:

World Coffee Natural Oasis

KLINGMANN Architects & Brand Consultants conducted extensive market research and concluded that people in Germany increasingly demand places that are conducive to relaxation invoked by attributes of nature. The overall mission of this brand experience is to bring the serenity and vastness of nature into a confined urban setting. The interior offers the customer two distinct outdoor experiences. One is characterized by a lush green setting, evoking the feeling of being in a sheltered forest. A living vegetation wall acts as the main iconic element of this space. The second space is a vast open expansive setting, like a beach. The center of the space contains a comfortable seating lounge that surrounds a babbling pool of water. Comfortable banquettes sit against natural reeds while a natural waterfall provides another place to pause and relax.