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Coffee mate Rice Krispies Treats coffee creamer, photo provided by Nestle
While that cup of coffee might be the boost to start the day, many coffee creamers are bringing a taste of favorite desserts to that sip. Putting aside drinkers who prefer that black coffee, these sweet inspired flavors could represent a bigger trend in the coffee space. Have coffee beverages become a dessert swap?
Recently, Coffee Mate announced a new Rice Krispies Treat flavored coffee creamer. While this newest flavor will not hit store shelves till 2022, the reality is that the announcement seems to reflect a bigger trend within the coffee space.
While many people are anticipating that first sip of a Rice Krispies Treats flavored coffee creamer with its marshmallow flavors, the reality is that this beverage might be a way for a few people to curb that craving for a favorite treat. To be honest, it is probably a lot of less calories to have a cup of flavored coffee than Rice Krispies Treats. Maybe these coffee creamers are a way to find that food satisfaction and balance without a lot of compromises.
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Although the flavors might mimic the iconic treat, it will never fully replace that infamous dessert. Beyond that sip of nostalgia, this latest flavor innovation seems to be re-enforcing a bigger trend, re-imagining favorite flavors in creative ways.
Looking at the coffee cup, it seems to be full of sweet flavors. Beyond this new coffee creamer offer, other flavors on the store shelves borrow from favorite candies, desserts and more. From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Hershey’s candy bars, it seems that a spoonful of sugar helps the coffee go down.
Whether these coffee creamers are trying to compete with the blended coffee drinks at restaurants or just seem to satisfy people’s sweet tooth, it seems that a black coffee is taking a back seat.
What flavor could be next? A stop at the bakery case could help with that prediction.
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