Coffee King

Coffee KingnnThe Italian Drupal Association, the organizing committee of the Drupal Developers Days 2016 to be held in Milan from June 21 to 26, chose six eleven for the concept of the logo and graphics of the event.nnThe chosen concept is inspired by the central figure of the Italian Renaissance: Leonardo Da Vinci. The classic Drupal logo, the Druplicon drop, turns with the style of the flying machines projected by the scientist and artist, recalling the faint character of his sketches. Development, planning and sharpness are the values that are communicated by this “seventeenth” interpretation, which reflect one of the pillars of the Opensource community: the shared technological progress.nnThe graphics inspired by this concept have been applied to the and to the online and offline communication of the event. The plays with drawing paper textures, freehand sketches and vintage illustrations, revisit the stylistic choices of the Florentine genius.