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An Idego employee crafts his next beverage while the store’s famous mocha sits ready to be sipped.
An Idego employee crafts his next beverage while the store’s famous mocha sits ready to be sipped.
Coffee: a college student’s favorite six-letter word. Who wouldn’t want a delicious cup of coffee, with the benefit of keeping you awake through those 8 a.m. classes you feel like sleeping through? Every week for the past three weeks, I ventured to a new coffee shop and spent a few hours in each, ordering something different every time. Across the board, Blacksburg has a very impressive selection of coffee. Whether you’re cramming for an exam, needing a relaxing spot to read, or procrastinating by scrolling through TikTok, Bollo’s, Coffeeholics and Idego Coffee have exactly what you need. 
Imagine this — you step into a warm cabin, escaping from the cold weather outside with a hot coffee in hand, wrapped in your favorite cozy blanket. That’s how I feel when I step into Bollo’s. With friendly customer service, simple but tasty beverages and even pillows on the benches, Bollo’s has it all. Located on Draper Road, Bollo’s is a must-visit when searching for quality coffee. 
“(Bollo’s is) fantastic, a happy atmosphere that brings you joy when you need a good place to study,” said Livingstone Bond, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.
Bollo’s also has a wide assortment of mouth-watering, locally made pastries. From soft pumpkin-chocolate muffins for all my fall enthusiasts to the fresh, gooey cinnamon buns served on Fridays, Bollo’s has it all. If you ever do visit Bollo’s, I’d highly recommend choosing from the assortment of muffins or one of their famous fudge-oat bars.
“It’s comfortable. It feels like it’s been around for hundreds of years, almost as if my grandparents came here,” said Rachael Rueb, a recent graduate who continues to come to Bollo’s. 
What I love most about Bollo’s is the fact that you can study while enjoying the liveliness of downtown Blacksburg without getting too distracted. Overall, whether you’re going to study, meet with friends or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee while admiring downtown Blacksburg (obviously to feel like the main character), Bollo’s has what you need.
Next up is Coffeeholics. With a modern feel that will have you wishing you were an interior designer, Coffeeholics has both a relaxed atmosphere and excellent drinks. Coffeeholics was actually the first place downtown I visited when seeing Virginia Tech for the first time, and from then on, it’s held a special place in my heart. Coffeeholics has outdoor and indoor seating, whether you need a place to study or you just feel like chatting with a friend on a Saturday morning. Coffeeholics has seating in the front of the shop for socializing and seating in the back of the shop if you need a quiet place to focus. 
Coffeeholics has many unique drinks, from their honey lavender lattes to matcha lattes. Even if you aren’t a big coffee fan, Coffeholics offers berry smoothies and many other caffeine-free options. Recently, the shop began selling frappes with flavors like cookies and cream and strawberry cheesecake — I’d highly recommend them to satisfy your sweet tooth, or to simply fulfill your desire for a bit of (safe) adventure. 
“(Coffeeholics is) close to campus; it feels like a cozy atmosphere to do work and meet people. It feels like I’m in my own home,” said Paige Zeidman, a senior majoring in business information technology, when asked to describe the Coffeeholics environment.
On my coffee-critic adventure, my last stop was Idego Coffee. Idego is a newer coffee shop located on Main Street. Idego Coffee has extremely friendly baristas who will most definitely make you laugh and a happy, chic environment that makes it so comforting. It was refreshing to see baristas interacting happily with customers.
“(Idego has my) favorite coffee anywhere,” said Avery Byrd, a senior studying animal poultry sciences at Virginia Tech.
Idego Coffee has a concise list of delicious options to help with indecisiveness,ranging from your normal cappuccino to marshmallow-flavored coffee. There aren’t a ton of pastry options, but if you’re just looking for a good cup of coffee, Idego is the spot for you. My first time at Idego Coffee, I ordered a vanilla latte and loved it; it even had a foam heart. For those of you who are very enthusiastic about fall, I’d highly recommend heading to Main Street to try one of their pumpkin spice mochas in Idego’s modern/rustic environment, with just the right amount of seating to feel cozy. Head to Main Street and try that pumpkin spice mocha. 
Visiting Bollo’s, Coffeeholics and Idego Coffee has made my time in Blacksburg even more exciting. Each coffee shop has its own unique aspects, offering a variety of options for everyone. If you happen to be looking for a new study spot off-campus, I’d recommend any of these three places. With Bollo’s pastries, Coffeeholics’s creative drinks and Idego’s excellent pumpkin drinks and friendly customer service, downtown Blacksburg offers an exquisite trifecta of coffee.
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