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With health, wellness, and positivity at the brand’s core, Thomas will join Super Coffee by traveling across the country to educate the next generation of consumers about the dangerous health effects of sugar and how sugar consumption is one of the main causes of obesity and chronic diseases. The average American drinks nearly four cups of coffee a day with approximately two teaspoons of sugar in each cup. Now more than ever – consumers are needing more positive energy, with many stressors and desires in their everyday lives and Super Coffee’s mission is to be a sugar-free solution that Americans feel great about. To date, over four million pounds of sugar have been removed from the American diet, with Super Coffee being sold in over 56,000 retailers nationwide. “Gabby Thomas is a living embodiment of our brand,” said Jimmy DeCicco, CEO of Super Coffee. “At Super Coffee, we embrace a ‘yes, and’ attitude: yes it is coffee, AND protein, AND healthy fats, etc. Yes, Gabby is a Harvard grad/epidemiologist, AND a public health advocate, AND an Olympic medalist, AND she’s just getting started.”
Gabby Thomas – Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Super Coffee exists to help people create positive change by making enhanced coffee products that are good for you, fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and most importantly bolster healthy energy and indulgence without the sugar. Super Coffee offers 30 SKUs that are naturally sweetened with monk fruit, contain MCT-Oil, and L-Theanine for easing stress – plus, they are the fastest-growing brand in the food and beverage space. Gabby’s public health advocacy role will allow for frequent Q&As, give back opportunities where she trains in Austin, Texas and Super Coffee’s headquarters is, personal blog posts on, and speaking engagements surrounding what it means to work hard with a focus on public health disparities and how collectively we can shape Americans diet for the better.
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SOURCE Super Coffee About Super Coffee The #3 bottled coffee brand in the US behind Starbucks and Dunkin’, Super Coffee®, was founded in 2015 on the belief that simple yet dynamic enhanced coffee drinks are essential for positive sustained wellness and energy. With a mission to mass-produce positive energy with high-quality, great-tasting, healthy products, Super Coffee is the fastest growing brand in the food and beverage space (Inc. 5,000, 2020).  Committed to excellence, the delicious, good-for-you, enhanced coffee products are fortified with added benefits like vitamins, protein, no-calorie natural sweeteners, MCT oil,  L-Theanine for easing stress, and antioxidants. The company’s full portfolio of products includes ready-to-drink beverages, creamers, espresso, cold brew, pods, grounds, a plant-based line as well as coffee subscription services. The DeCicco brothers who are all former D1 student-athletes Co-Founded the brand with a goal to create a world where everyone is energized and inspired to create positive change in their lives, and the lives of others, for a collective brighter future. The brand launched its nationwide “Add Something Positive” campaign with a goal to bring positive energy and happiness to this overworked, stressed-out generation. Super Coffee products are sold on and are available nationwide in over 56,000 leading retailers; Target, Walmart, Kroger, 711, CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods Market, and more. Notable investors and endorsers include athletic superstars and iconic leaders such as Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, Amy Jo Martin, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Baron Davis, Boomer Esiason, and more.
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