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HOBOKEN, NJ — Just in time for National Coffee Day (next Wednesday), Hoboken has been ranked the second biggest “coffee-obsessed” town in New Jersey, according to (of all things) a mattress company.
The rankings were based on the number of coffee shops per person.

It may be no surprise that the mile-square city — which was home to a large Maxwell House factory until 1992 — boasts dozens of small coffee shops and several franchises.
The sleep products company Zoma Sleep says their number-crunching indicated that Hoboken has more coffee shops per person than other towns in New Jersey, except perhaps Montclair (see chart below).
The company, which creates mattresses and other sleep products aimed at athletes, looked at cities with large populations. Hoboken has 33 coffee shops in total, with approximately 1,600 people per shop. Montclair has 1,481 people per shop, the company said.
Jersey City has a whopping 65 coffee shops within its borders, but its population is 262,664, so there are approximately 4,040 people per shop.

Hoboken’s coffee shops contain some with unique features, such as Bwe with its large workspaces and blends, The Hive with a kids’ playroom that can be reserved, and even a coffee shop that’s completely nut-free, Joey No Nuts. The city also has three Starbucks in its square mile (that’s a lot of pumpkin spice).

The coffee-to-person ratio in Hoboken, Montclair, and Paramus is close to that of some of the biggest cities in America, Zoma said.
Zoma called San Francisco “America’s most awake city,” with “528 dedicated coffee outlets serving a population of 866,606. That equates to one coffee shop for every 1,641 people in the city — the highest ratio out of America’s 100 most populated cities.” Portland, Honolulu, and Seattle were also near the top.
See the full study at https://zomasleep.com/blog/most-awake-city

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