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Huya Craft Coffee in Youngsville is reimagining your morning cup of joe. From freshly ground beans to specially steeped tea, this shop is elevating the world of caffeine one pot at a time.
First opening in the summer of 2020, this coffee shop has taken Acadiana by storm over the past year. Offering drinks, sweets and savory options, the family owned business is showing no signs of slowing down. 
“This summer we saw record numbers of sales,” said co-owner Shayna Hines. “In the coffee business the summer is normally slower, so we were blown away with the support. We are finding our stride.” 
Huya Craft Coffee is owned by a three-person team: husband and wife David and Shayna Hines along with their business partner Kily LaGarde. The Hines previously owned and operated a mobile coffee shop named Brewed Over. This venture gave them much of the experience and knowledge needed for Huya.
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The Hines were not very big coffee drinkers early in life, but after trying a sweet blended coffee drink they thought of ways to improve it. Together they attended Texas Coffee School, and it open their eyes to possibilities for the world’s favorite bean.
Brewed Over was in operation for about three years when they decided to go brick and mortar. LaGarde was a frequent customer at Brewed Over and was excited to join the new venture. She enjoyed David’s special-made beverages and all they had to offer at the time. Combining coffee and food science changed the way Brewed Over’s customers viewed coffee. 
Trying to get a new business off the ground during a trying time like last year’s lockdown was difficult, but Hines says everything fell into place. 
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“We knew we wanted to be in Youngsville and we wanted to be near Sugar Mill Pond,” she explains. “We scouted shopping centers for a while and Kily just happened to call at the right time. This unit ended up being perfect and didn’t require as much work plus it had a drive thru, which as very important.”   
Shayna Hines is a member of the Chitimacha Tribe and grew up in St. Mary Parish. The Chitimacha language was consider to be dead for many years. However, over the past few decades it has been revived.
Huya is Chitimacha for “thank you” and “goodness,” the owners found this name fitting for their mission with the coffee shop. Spreading goodness through the variety of treats and drinks that they offer.
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One of the most unique menu offering is their Boudin pop-tart, which won a $5,000 award from General Mills in February. Other popular menu items include flavored lattes featuring handmade flavoring syrups, pressed teas and Chantilly toast. 
Huya Craft Coffee is also proud to use locally grown sugar in all its beverages.
“We make all our simple syrups in house,” says Hines. “It takes a little more time but we enjoy making it. We also get out sugar from Patout Farms in Jeanerette, we like being able to go the fields and see it all.”
Huya Craft Coffee hopes to open a second location in 2022 and to continue expanding with catering. They are excited to continue warming the hearts of Acadiana one cup at a time. 
Huya Craft Coffee is located at 1901 Chemin Metairie Road Suite 1, Youngsville. For more information, visit
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