New downtown Pensacola coffee tour highlights 5 spots to get your java fix – Pensacola News Journal

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Seville Savories Food Tours is adding a third option to its collection: coffee.
The company already offers the “Palafox-Trot” and “Seville Stroll” for lunch and dinner respectively. Now, starting Sept. 29, coffee enthusiasts can join the company’s president, Duel Christian, for a morning stroll to five downtown locations for five different cups of coffee on the “Bayou Buzz Coffee Tasting Tour.”
“I didn’t want to do more than five, because I didn’t want to get anyone super caffeinated,” Christian said, adding that he was particularly excited to use the new tasting room at Fosko Coffee Barre.
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Other than Fosko, Christian also has included Bodacious Bookstore, Mrs. Jones Cold Brew at Nomadic’s Cafe, The Nest and Polonza on the coffee tour. The coffee tour costs $35, while the lunch and dinner offers are $55 and $65, respectively. Each guest received one item of the establishment’s choosing on the tour.
All orders have to be booked at The lunch tour is available Wednesday through Friday, the dinner tour is available Wednesday and Thursday and the coffee tour will be available Tuesday through Friday. The tours last about three hours, and guests walk between one and two miles.
“Actually, it was a guest from out-of-town that had asked if I’d ever thought about doing a coffee tour,” Christian said. “It really had never crossed my mind, but I thought that it really could be an excellent thing to do in the mornings.”
Christian, who grew up in downtown Pensacola, expected to launch Seville Savories in January 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic postponed his idea before he had his first tour. A full year later, Christian relaunched in January 2021.
“I really just stayed home and read a lot of books,” Christian said about his lengthy gap between initial launches. “I am researching and writing a cookbook to coincide with the tours. It’s called ‘Flavors of History.'”
Christian said he wants his cookbook to give historically accurate recipes about each of the historical periods he talks about on his food tours. He added that he had a unique introduction into the world of cooking.
“Well, my first job in TV was as a camera operator for ‘Gourmet Cooking with Earl Peyroux’ back in 1988,” Christian said. “It sparked my love for cooking. I learned how to cook on a TV set when I really didn’t know anything about cooking. … In my career, I was in all of these really high-end restaurants, learning new techniques and growing from there.”
As Christian weighs what type of food tours he wants to have, he said there are some he has decided against, and others that he hopes to expand into in the future.
“I had thought about a brewery tour, but it didn’t quite work for downtown. I didn’t want to try and compete with (the already-existing brewery tours),” Christian said. “Right now, it is just me, so I don’t have the personnel for a breakfast tour, but I’m coming to look into starting one.”
Christian said he has intimately visited every place on every tour, and he said his frequency and enjoyment of these places is what made it so easy to set up with the vendors.
“If you come on a food tour, come hungry,” Christian said with a laugh.