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Every morning people around the world get ready for the day by drinking a cup of hot or iced coffee. The morning drink often turns into a few cups at home then an afternoon pick-me-up while working at the office and sometimes a warming cup of decaf at night before bed.
While Americans can’t seem to get enough coffee from big brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ there are plenty of other varieties to choose from. We’re breaking down coffee brands based on nutrition from worst to best so you can make a wise choice when it comes to that first cup in the morning. (And for more info on what to fill your meals with nowadays, here are The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)
seattles best coffee
Seattle’s Best Coffee has just a few calories and a super low amount of fat, but the nutritional info for this coffee is per tablespoon of ground coffee not per completed cup. This could make a big difference depending on how much coffee you drink at one time, so keep it in mind when you’re scooping and filling the coffee maker.
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nescafe clasico
Another less healthy option is the Nescafe Clasico instant coffee. The brand has slightly more calories per serving, which ends up making one cup total of coffee. While this is a super quick and convenient option, for those watching calories there are better alternatives.
dunkin original blend
Dunkin’s Original Blend ground coffee has one of the highest sodium levels in the major brands of coffee at 5 milligrams per serving. While that’s not a huge percentage of your daily intake, it can add up if you drink multiple cups of coffee in a day. Plus, any creamers you add in could up the sodium content even more.
maxwell house original roast
Even though this brand has a very low calorie and carb count, it is on the higher side for sodium. If you add sugar and creamer to your coffee that’s only going to increase these numbers higher as you drink coffee throughout the day.
peets coffee big bang
Peet’s Coffee is also a little higher in sodium than some of the other brands, making it a less healthy choice if you’re watching your sodium intake. The brand also has a lower protein level than some of the other healthier brands.
starbucks medium roast breakfast blend
The Starbucks medium roast coffee has one of the best nutritional values out there. With just a few calories per cup and less than a gram of fat, there’s nothing not to like about this coffee. Just be careful how much added sugar and creamer you add to this if you want to keep calories and fat down.
folgers classic roast
At just 2.4 calories and a minuscule amount of fat per cup, the classic Folgers medium roast coffee is a great choice for health-conscious coffee drinkers. The coffee does have a slightly higher sodium level than some of the other coffee on the market, but it could be a good trade-off for a lower calorie count per cup.
caribou coffee caribou blend
With just 2.4 calories and 0.1 grams of fat, the Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend is one of the healthier coffee brands to enjoy in the morning. To keep the lower calories and fat stay clear of adding any extra sugar or creamers.
donut shop blend medium roast
One of the best coffees you can get your hands on right now is the Donut Shop Blend medium roast. The coffee doesn’t have any calories, fat, or sodium so you can feel good drinking a cup of black coffee knowing that it’s not going to impact your overall day’s worth of nutrition much.
joffreys kona blend
Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company signature Disney Parks blends can often be found online, in some retail stores, as well as being served in the Disney Parks around the world. The strong Kona Blend is one of the best in terms of nutrition with zero everything from calories to sodium. Drink this to start your day without the added pressure of calories adding up with every cup.
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